Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Melissa Koberlein shares Fireflies Trilogy

Book Blurb:

Pine Grove has always been a peaceful place, and sixteen-year-old Marley feels right at home in the Appalachians. Things change when a close encounter of the third kind leaves a glowing mark on her shoulder, and a new boy shows up at school. A peculiar glimmer in his eyes reminds her of fireflies, both captivating and scaring her right out of her boots. When he reveals that he’s a host for alien symbiotes, it sends her running in the opposite direction...that is, until he catches her.

Meanwhile...Will is entering yet another school midyear. He has his usual problems: acclimate to a new school, deal with his assigned FBI agent, track a compatible human, all while appearing the normal teenage boy. He can’t believe his luck when his search leads him to Marley, a girl more agile in the woods than in a mall. He reminds himself that he can’t let what happened to his last assignment happen in Pine Grove, not to her...

Note: Fireflies is YA sci-fi romance.

Praise for Fireflies:
"The twist at the end was unpredictable, making it a good turn adding spice and intrigue to the plot. A mix of Twilight and I am Number Four, this book has a solid marketability through its conceptual, enjoyable storyline." -Review from Writer's Digest Annual Self-Published Book Awards

Here are some links for my trilogy:

Read Fireflies for FREE here: 

The complete Fireflies trilogy available here:

Excerpt from Fireflies:

I’ve been tracking humans my entire life. While each time is different, it’s always the same rush.

Pennsylvania is unseasonably warm this April. I reach for an evergreen branch, the sharp needles pricking at my palm. It has been too long since I’ve been here. I close my eyes, breathing deeply the calming earthy scents of my home woods: pine, cedar, grass, algae on some rocks of a nearby stream, fresh water trickling down, and a distance away, violet wild flowers. Focused and determined, I open my eyes, smiling eagerly.

I’ll find my quarry.

I reach down and press my palm to the ground. Images pass through my mind like frames in a movie. Two girls passed through here, one brunette, one blonde,

both searching for something…another girl, a friend. They’re local high school students about the same age as me, on a trail cleanup detail. The girl they’re searching for has fallen into a ravine. She’s afraid, but not seriously hurt.

Standing, I begin my hike, following the two girls in search of their friend. Five hundred feet up the trail, I catch up to them. Quickly, I hide behind a tree, my t-shirt scraping the bark.

 It’s her. The one I’ve been tracking. I’ve got to mark her to let the others know she’s mine. Slowly, as if not by my own will, I step back onto the path to get a better look. She’s navigating the trail as if she were born to hike, reassuring and leading the girl behind her. I feel an instant pull as my heart pounds from being this close to her. My instinct is to approach her now, but that would be foolish. I need to wait for the perfect time. Besides, she’s focused on her lost friend. In fact, she’s almost to the top of the ravine.

I consider yelling up to them, when she stops and turns toward me. Instinctively, I duck back behind the tree just in time, each breath coming fast and furious. I lean my head against the tree, closing my eyes, concentrating. She knows I’m here.

The brunette says, “What’s up, Marley?”

“I thought I saw something,” the blonde replies.

“I’m sure it’s probably some other kids looking for Becca,” the dark-haired girl says.

The blonde’s name is Marley, and her senses are impeccable for a human.

They continue moving up the trail as I silently follow. I can’t lose sight of her, not even for a second.

I want this one, and no one is going to take her from me.

Liza adds the following bit for an 'awww' moment.
Melissa traveled twelve hours to pick up and take this adorable girl home: 

Her name is Zoe, she's 9 weeks old, and she is a boxador. (I believe that means she's a mix of a Boxer and a Labrador.) Sounds like a good mix to me. 

She looks a little sad here, but she just had a six-hour drive and is probably missing her mom and siblings.  I'm sure she'll cheer up when she finds Melissa's favorite boots. And seriously, who could not love this pup!

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